[isabelle-dev] A proposal for the website

Lawrence Paulson lp15 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Nov 3 12:58:35 CET 2020

One could even imagine retiring the mailing list. I wonder how Zulip avoid the scourge of cross-posting and irrelevant conference announcements?

> On 2 Nov 2020, at 23:12, Kevin Kappelmann <kevin.kappelmann at tum.de> wrote:
> 1. Zulip can be self-hosted [1] (*)
> 2. One can create backups and export all data [2]
> 3. One could import past mailing list threads into Zulip by simply
> re-posting them in an e-mail-archive stream. By the way, we already
> crosspost new mailing list messages to such streams [3, 4]
> 4. As for the searchable mailing list: there's already a search bar on
> [5], the same search bar, in theory, should also be available on [6]
> (both use Pipermail), and one can use a search engine with site filters,
> e.g. google for "induction
> site:https://mailmanbroy.informatik.tu-muenchen.de/pipermail/isabelle-dev/"
> 5. I think the Isabelle Quick Access Links website [7] should be
> referenced on the website too. It is really helpful to get an overview
> and to get some ideas on how to get started.

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