[isabelle-dev] A proposal for the website

Jasmin Blanchette j.c.blanchette at vu.nl
Tue Nov 3 13:10:56 CET 2020

> One could even imagine retiring the mailing list. I wonder how Zulip avoid the scourge of cross-posting

It's just physically impossible (except via copy-paste).

> and irrelevant conference announcements?

All conversations are part of a stream and have a topic. Users can choose which streams they follow; think of them as separate mailing (sub)lists if it helps. E.g. for our own automated-reasoning-oriented Zulip (https://sneeuwbal.zulipchat.com <https://sneeuwbal.zulipchat.com/>), we have a stream called "shameless (but AR-related) announcements". So far we're not on any spammer's radar, though, so the announcements are pretty relevant.

It's really a glorified chat.


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